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How to Find the Difference between Authentic Gucci Bags and Gucci Replica Bags?

Spotting the differences between authentic Gucci replica handbags and counterfeit Gucci is not all that difficult. All you need do is making the effort to learn what to watch out for and where to look. Here are a few pointers.

Trading Online

Trading online is usually like walking down dark alleys without a flashlight to guide you. It is difficult to figure out genuine traders from people setting traps to con you. With the anonymity providing an excellent cover, online replica Gucci sites are plaguing unsuspecting netizens with golden promises. The only place online where you can safely buy authentic Gucci products is the company’s official website. Phishing is another big threat internet users have guard against. When there is so much at stake, where is the wisdom in sharing crucial financial information with known criminals? That’s what manufacturers of Gucci replica, considering the fact that they are knowingly indulging in illegal activities.

Ways to Identify Knock Off Gucci

The best place to start is naturally the Gucci official webpage. The pictures of the bags and replica handbags Uk on this page provide you with clear cut ideas that should help you spot replica Gucci. Make use of the zooming feature to observe all the details of a particular product – the exact placement of the logo, the designs, the shape of the straps and tags etc. If you are buying used bags someone is auctioning off, ask for pictures you can enlarge. An authentic seller would be happy to provide you with one. If you don’t receive a response, you’ve narrowly escaped being conned. If on the other hand, you are buying knock-off Gucci replica bags knowingly, understand that you are harming your county’s economic stability with your action.

Identifying Factors

There are three factors that should tip you off that a product is counterfeit Gucci  material, cost and lack of attention to detail.

Material  A bag with too many patches means that its durability will be affected. Naturally so – the more the number of seams, the more the chances of your bag ripping apart and it is most certainly a replica.

Cost  You can buy products that are cheaper when the difference is only marginal. But ridiculously low prices and quality can never ever go in hand. Businesses are started for profit and Gucci replica Uk manufacturers are certainly not into charity.

Attention to the details  Gucci is all about aesthetic looks and no knock off can match authentic Gucci when it comes to the finer details.

Summary :

Three factors that should tip you off that a product is counterfeit Gucci – material, cost and lack of attention. Gucci is all about aesthetic looks and no knock off can match authentic Gucci.